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TCP Offloading Engine (TOE) enables TCP transfer with full band-width Gigabit Ethernet. Having TCP/IP full stack implemented in FPGA, high-speed TCP transfer as well as universal LAN communication (TCP/UDP) achieved with FPGA single chip. Complex tasks of TCP/IP protocol control are all processed with FPGA, substantially offloading the burden from host processor. With major functions required for PCI Express® and Gbit Ethernet design configuration come as a platform, Giga bit Ethernet TCP/IP Solution will help expedite time-to-market.

Key Features
  • TCP Offloading Engine + TCP Stack
Target Markets
  • Wired Communications

Device Family Support

  • Virtex-6 LXT
  • Virtex-6 SXT
  • Virtex-5 LX
  • Virtex-5 LXT
  • Virtex-5 SXT
  • Spartan-6 LX
  • Spartan-6 LXT

Device Implementation Matrix

Device utilization metrics for example implementations of this core. Contact provider for more information.

Family Device Speed Grade Tool | Version HW Validated? Slice LUT BRAM DSP48 CMT GTx Fmax (Mhz)
Spartan 6T Family XC6SLX45T -2 ISE 14.3,
ISE 14.3
Y 2588 5513 73 0 0 0 125

IP Quality Metrics Table

IP Formats available for purchase Netlist
Source Code Formats(s) Verilog
High-Level Model Included? N
Integration Testbench Provided Y
Integration Techbench Format(s) Verilog
Code Coverage Report Provided? Y
Functional Coverage Report Provided? Y
UCFs Provided? Y
Commercial Evaluation Board Available? N
FPGA used on board N/A
Software Drivers Provided? Y
Driver OS Support iTRON
Code Optimized for Xilinx? Y
Custom FPGA Optimization Techniques None
Synthesis Software Tools Supported / version Xilinx XST
Static Timing Analysis Performed? Y
Standard IP Interface(s) Supported AXI-4
IP-XACT Metadata Included? N
Is a documented verification plan available? Yes, document only plan
Test Methodology Directed Testing
Assertions Y
Coverage Metrics Collected Functional
Timing Verification Performed? Y
Timing Verification Report Available Y
Simulators supported Mentor ModelSIM
Hardware Validation
Validated on FPGA N
Industry standard compliance testing passed N
Are test results available? N

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