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GigE-Vision Tx SDSoC Platform



OKI IDS has developed Hardware Accelerated OpenCv Harris Corner (feature point detection) reference design on AMD SDSoC development environment.

What’s Harris Corner?

Harris Corner is a method of feature detection using an approach based on differential geometry. Simply put, it identifies feature by calculation based on the idea that "if the primary differential value is greater in one direction it’s regarded as an edge, and if it’s greater in multiple directions then it’s a corner."
It typically requires secondary differential calculation for determining feature points, but instead, this Harris Corner method adopts Gaussian smoothing.

Corner Detection using Harris Operator

Using Harris Operator, intensity value of difference (i.e. feature) can be calculated by the following formula;

(Images and formula cited from opencv.jp)

AMD HLS library has a library called “HLS: Corner Harris” that is based on Harris Corner methodology, and the user can implement it to programmable logic of ZynqSoC by using SDSoC.

Demo Overview

This embedded reference design using OKI IDS iGigE IP core combined with Corner Harris detects feature points in the input video from sensor and overlays graphic of dots on the detected feature points. The graphic added video data will then be transmitted over 1Gbit Ethernet by using GigE Vision Protocol.

SDSoC GigE-Vision Tx DEMO Configuration

Software/Hardware Mode of Corner Detection

The demo implements corner detection feature of two different modes; Software Corner Detect where the video input form SVDK Sensor is processed on ARM CoretexA9 within Zynq PS, and Hardware Corner Detect using hardware accelerated HLS: Corner Harris implemented on Xynq PL as hardware. By comparing the two different modes user can see the performance hardware acceleration can achieve.

Demo Movie of Software /Hardware Corner Detection

Click the links below to compare the movies of Software version/Hardware accelerated version.

Hardware Platform

This demo uses AMD SVDK (Smart Vision Development kit) as demo platform.

Evaluation Demo Platform (Free Download)

SDSoC Corner Detect GigE-Vision Tx DEMO data is available from download page.

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